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Princeton Energy-Positive Custom Home

Appearing from the street as a traditional New-England farmhouse, this single-family saltbox has 12” thick walls, a contemporary interior and a full photovoltaic array facing south on the back.

This super-insulated home has two sides:  a colonial farmhouse style on the north with traditional details and triple-glazed windows, and a more contemporary south elevation in back with generous fenestration, sun room, and large, south-facing roof for solar panels. The open, contemporary first floor plan includes a bedroom, full bath, and laundry to enable the owners to age in place.

The homeowners have reported that the PV system generates 2-3 times what they use for electricity fully powering two first floor and one second floor mini-split heat/AC pumps (12,000 BTUs each). The second floor unit is only used for AC as the open plan and skylights supply sufficient heat in the winter.