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External Sustainability Links

Zero Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets

Zero-Energy Homes Are Ready for Mainstream Markets, and article by Alisa Petersen and Michael Garman for the website zero energy project is a resource that discusses the economics and market values of zero energy homes.

Reduce Your Use University

Reduce Your Use University, by Direct Energy, is a resource to help homeowners take mindful energy usage actions and incorporate sustainable practices. The website compiles a lot of great information about how to reduce your energy use year round and other ways to reduce your carbon footprint.

Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA)

NESEA is the Northeast’s leading member organization of professionals working in sustainable energy, whole systems thinking, and clean technology. Or, as one member puts it, NESEA is “where all the really great geeks are.”

Zero Net Energy Homes

A non-profit site “designed to help builders, designers, and home buyers take meaningful steps towards radically reducing carbon emissions and energy bills by building Zero Net Energy Homes and Near Zero Energy Homes.” Check out some of our projects in their photo gallery.

The Pioneer Valley Planning Commission

The legally designated regional planning agency for the Pioneer Valley region in Western Massachusetts, the PVPC’s mission is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for its individual member communities and for the region as a whole.

The Pioneer Valley Sustainability Network

A broad-based network of organizations and individuals who are dedicated to creating a just and sustainable future for the Pioneer Valley region.

Healthy People Healthy Places

A consulting service focused on solving the problems of environmentally induced illnesses. Run by Peggy Wolff, an environmental health consultant and nurse.

Green Design at Mosaic Commons

Information about green design elements at a Kraus-Fitch designed cohousing community.

Checklist Toward Zero Carbon

The checklist is a step-by-step guide to comprehensively reducing your carbon footprint now. It’s a cut-and-paste job, compiled by Ken Levenson. It is hoped that people will download the checklist, copy it, edit it for their local conditions, and make it their own.

Advanced Framing

It’s cheaper and faster to build, and also saves energy. What’s not to like? By Joseph Lstiburek, an industry expert.