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If you are going to help in the design of a tiny house, it is a good idea to stay involved through the initial drive (when the house is pulled off the construction site on its trailer) and possibly subsequent moves.  

This past weekend,  I did just that!  My son’s family works seasonally at Kroka Expeditions (a wilderness and farm based summer and semester program).  The tiny house moved there last summer, moved closer to winter employment and school in the Fall and was back to Kroka again – three moves in 12 months!

There is a lot to be learned about what is entailed in moving an established mobile home.  Dishes need to be stored safely, clothes lines and bicycles pulled inside, etc.  That is the straightforward stuff. 

More interesting, in our case, is the dismantling and reconstruction of the front porch.  It was designed and constructed in pieces that could be stored in the bed of the truck that pulls the house.

It took approximately 2 hours to take down and two more to put it back up.  The “foundations” for the six posts that support the deck and guard rail are adjustable bases that screw into the posts at the height needed based on the actual grade outside of the home.  It only varies a little with each site, as the tiny home needs a relatively flat site to drive in and out.  The roof of the front porch simply folds down tight against the exterior side wall for the move.  When on site it is hinged back up and supported with removable brackets.

There  is a folding roof at the back of the tiny house as well.  This becomes the bike and trash shed and a place to hanging fishing equipment!